19 July 2016 – 

members_only_signAre you a member of any clubs or large organisations? Sports clubs, car-related clubs, unions, or government departments? Do you belong to a professional institute or body?

Simply by being a paid up member, you may be entitled to significant discounts on many of the goods and services you purchase, either on a regular basis, or more infrequently.

Many large clubs, companies, and organisations have negotiated significant discounts on goods and services provide by the companies who do business with them, or as a side benefit to their members.

Often, these suppliers will extend the discount to members/employees as an additional sweetener for the continued business. The supplier may only provide a small number of their entire portfolio to the organisation, however, they will offer their discount to members across the entire range of products or services.

Where the supplier is part of a larger, diverse company, this discount can extend to many products offered by their other subsidiaries as well.

Often, these larger clubs have reciprocal arrangements with other clubs so that you get the same discounts as their own members just by flashing your card at the checkout. Especially useful when travelling overseas or visiting other places.

Why pay full retail? The secret is knowing what’s available, and where to find it.

 Some organisations have made this easy by forming ‘Membership Reward Clubs’ which allow you to go to a single source and locate the product you want, where to buy it, and the discount offered.

Others have online stores where you effectively buy the product through the portal and they are either delivered to you direct from the supplier, or a voucher is downloaded that can be redeemed at one of their stores or outlets.

But many times, it’s a matter of doing some research beforehand and finding out who offers the discounts as it may not be obvious when it comes time to fork out your hard earned.

I spend a bit of time browsing through the member discount offers available from a several automobile clubs, worker unions, and incorporated clubs such as the RSL or RSA (returned services). Although I’m not going to name any of them, here are some of the products and services available offering anything from 15% to 35% discount just by exercising your membership privileges.

  • Household goods and appliances
  • Home improvement
  • Holidays, travel and accommodation
  • Cars, purchase, parts, servicing and fuel
  • Dining out
  • Entertainment
  • Health and wellbeing products and services
  • Insurance
  • Credit cards

So start putting cash back in your pocket by saving on both everyday and not-so-everyday purchases by using the discounts automatically available to you.

No tough negotiating with hardened salespeople required here folks. No endless shopping around to save a meagre 5 to 10% for you anymore. Just step up to the counter and present your ‘instant, money back guarantee’ card. It can be as simple as that.

Do you have a club card sitting in your wallet? Could it be saving you cash on the things that you regularly buy and use?

10 thoughts on “Reaping the rewards of membership”

  1. Thanks Martin. I try to remember club discount programs when making big purchases. There is a program through my employer I’ve taken advantage of a few times. And just recently my younger sibling bought a vacation package through a membership club which he got a great deal on.

    1. Hi Green Swan and thanks for dropping by. Great to hear from someone who is acually taking advantage of the great deals available through their club membership. I bet there’s plenty of other deals just waiting for you to wave that membership card over.

  2. We can get discounts on our cell phone bill and child care through our company. I believe we also have a deal with a hotel chain.

    We use the cell phone discounts, but unfortunately there isn’t much else ( our company isn’t very big)

    I should read further into our AAA card though, my wife gets it as a gift every year and I know they offer discounts but am not sure where

    1. Hi AE, more great feedback. I’m guessing AAA is the automobile club? If I’m correct, they usually have a ton of discounts from accommodation, entertainment, travel, anything to do with your car so well worth looking into what they offer. We have the equivalent here in Queensland, Au, and use it all the time when we travel. They’re one of the clubs who usually have reciprocal benefits with other auto clubs as well. Worth looking into.

  3. I love the advice, Martin. My wife and I get regular discounts on our cell phone service, clothing purchases at Banana Republic Factory Store, and a few other local places just for being teachers.

    I’m enrolled in a bunch of other rewards programs: DSW, Hilton Honors Club, and others that aren’t coming to mind right now. These days you can be a member of just about any club and save money in the process if you’re wise about it, it seems.

    1. Nice one Mr and Mrs FSH. It’s great to see plenty of fellow bloggers taking advantage of the discounts available through their memberships. Sounds like I’m preaching to the converted.

  4. Belonging to an organization that provides discounts as a benefit is a great thing. As a retired member of the armed forces, I enjoy a 10% discount at about a quarter of the establishments (e.g. restaurants, big box stores) that I frequent on a regular basis. Often locations such as museums also offer a discount to active duty and retired members. While each savings may not be significant on their own, the savings on large appliances and the cumulation of a significant number of smaller, everyday purchases over 10 years – the time I’ve been retired – adds up.

    1. I reckon 10% discount is a bit lousy for the people who serve their country. It should be a lot more than that. Add to that list other professions like nurses, teachers, firefighters and more. 25% for all of them!!

      Do you try and negotiate bigger discounts on large items like home appliances and obviously cars? There’s a lot of competition in those markets and they’ve traditionally been the most flexible with price.

      You’ve been retired 10 years James? May I ask, at what age did you chuck in the daily grind?

  5. We use our AAA card for hotel discounts. I’d like to join BJs when we move near family and can share some of the huge quantity items. Interesting fact I learned about Costco when I needed a hat for sun protection. I purchased it on line as a non-member by paying a surcharge. But the total price was still way cheaper than on any other site for the same item!

    1. Hey Mrs Groovy, thanks for dropping by and commenting. That’s interesting about being able to buy from Costco as a non-member. I thought that they were quite strict about that. We have a Costco here in Brisbane although not close enough to me to be worth doing my shop at. I’m not sure if they do online sales here in Oz though.

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