18 August 2016 – 

Overlooking Hua Hin, Thailand

Last week, I posted an article about our plans to move away from Australia and live a very comfortable retirement lifestyle somewhere in South East Asia. The plan is to spend the next few years making extended visits to our shortlist of countries and get a feel for what it may be like to actually live there. Then, by 2020, we will pack our bags and make the big move. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Amongst the boxes we need to tick off when deciding on where to live are things like: ease of getting long term ex-pat visas, reasonably modern and reliable infrastructure such as internet access, and political stability.

Since posting my article last week, there has been a series of bombings in Thailand, targeting areas frequented by foreigners including one of our shortlisted locations, Hua Hin.

Apparently, according to the Thai Government, this is not the result of terrorists but insurgents protesting against the Government. However, I guess it doesn’t really matter what you label the bombers if you are one of the unfortunate’s killed or maimed by their destruction.

Now this hasn’t put us off visiting or considering crossing Thailand off our shortlist but it does bring home the fact that the places we’re planning to live can quickly change compared to our relatively safe and stable life here in Australia.


But on to happier things. Bobby, over at Millennial Money Man, has agreed to post one of my articles on his blog, which I’m honoured. I do think it’s high praise indeed when another blogger is prepared to host myself as a guest writer.

If you’re not familiar with M$M, he’s one of the heavy-weights of the personal finance blogging community and it’s not surprising that he writes some really good articles.

So click here to head on over to my guest spot at Millennial Money Man, and I hope that you enjoy the article.


4 thoughts on “Guest appearance on Millennial Money Man”

  1. Seeing those Thai bombs did make me think of you. Although there’s a lot to love about SE Asia, there’s also a lot to love about our country. Safety being one of the very highest. Have you thought about far NE Queensland? – Almost the same climate, with a lot of the Australian benefits 🙂


    1. Hi Tristan, to be honest, the bombings in Thailand don’t really scare us. If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, then you’re time is up. You are more likely to be run over by the manic traffic than killed in an attack. It’s just a case of always being cautious at a higher level than we are use to in Australia.

      One of the key reasons for moving is economic. Australia is a very expensive country to live in and we feel that we can have a better lifestyle for significantly less in SE Asia. And I’ve always wanted to go and stay there long term so to me it’s a given now that I’m free of work. I just have to wait for Ms MM to hit the retirement button.

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