frugal-cookingLast week, I posted a guest article, “How To Live Frugally Without Hating Yourself”, from one of my favourite blogging couples, The Picky Pinchers.

Now, they’re returning the favour by hosting me on their site.

The Picky’s blog regularly about their journey from debt to debt-free, frugal living, to eventually reaching their own financial freedom goal and retiring early.

A regular feature of The Picky Pinchers blog is a weekly round-up of their frugal but delicious (most of the time. There is the odd disaster apparently) meals that they hope will serve up a good dose of inspiration for others who may feel ‘culinarily challenged’ in the kitchen.

One of the best ways to stay off the financial independence pathway and prolong your ‘need to’ working life by many years is to spend a load of your hard-earned on dining out several times a week.

Why do we do it? It’s probably for any number of reasons but the main ones being; getting home late from work every day, feel you can’t boil water without burning it, too many other things to do in the evening, or just don’t have a lot of inspiration after a long day at work. I can understand this.

As someone who actually loves cooking, the thought of eating ready-made meals, leftovers, or worst, paying someone else to cook me dinner is never going to work. Let me share with you my secret to consistently eating delicious healthy meals every night during the week even after a hectic working day. But most importantly, saving you a not-so-small fortune every year they you can use to line your own pockets rather than the coffers of the local restaurant and fast food owners.

Thanks again to the Picky’s for having me over to their place. I hope you enjoy my article, “Cook Up A Plate Of Early Retirement”




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