my-own-advisorToday, I’m putting in a guest appearance on Canadian Mark Seed’s excellent financial advice, investment, and FIRE website My Own Advisor.

Besides Mark’s excellent, well researched articles on smart investing, staying out of debt, and caring for your financial well-being, he also shares his own journey to financial freedom and eventual early retirement.

His goal is to own a fully paid off home and have a cool million dollars in his investment portfolio by the time he reaches age 50 (which is getting closer by the day).

Mark contacted me after reading some of my Get FIRE’d asap articles and discovering that I had done, more or less, what he is planning, reaching FIRE at 50. So he got me over for a chat to find out more about how I managed to reach this goal.

Click here to head on over to Mark’s place and find out what gems I shared with him and his readers.

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