It’s been a busy week with two guest appearances on other bloggers’ sites. On Monday, I met up with Canadian blogger Mark at My Own Advisor, and late last week, on one of my favourite and longest subscribing sites, Freedom Is Groovy, with who else but Mr and Mrs Groovy.

groovy-catThe Groovy’s, well Mr Groovy, describes himself as “a groovy freakin’ freedomist  who wants to escape from the tyranny of big government and the tyranny of financial dependency.”

As you can imagine, a philosophy like this leads to some pretty rad, ace, and far-out discussions on what’s wrong with the world, especially the world of finance, and Mr & Mrs G’s, take on how to fix ‘the big issues’.

Having recently chucked in full-time work, themselves, the Groovy’s have been sharing, on their site, their experiences of early retirement and of sometimes now having too much free time on their hands.

Mrs G invited myself and seven other FI/RE bloggers to share our thoughts on our own highs and lows of early retirement. What do we worry about? How do we fill their time? What do we love or hate about retirement?

Click here to find out what we shared at “Early Retirement Highs and Lows: Eight Top Bloggers Weigh In”


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