Yellow Sticky Note

Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m a just-turned-50, regular working-type guy much like many of you (the gals are included here too). I grew up living in Auckland NZ for most of my life, besides a couple of years working in Northland and a year or so overseas doing the ‘big OE’.

My upbringing was what I think could be called ‘pretty normal’. Went to local schools, had friends with similar backgrounds, holidayed locally, and my parents earned enough to give my brother and I a comfortable lifestyle without extravagance.

After school followed a fairly typical life. Had a few jobs, got married, paid the mortgage, had kids, got divorced, earned reasonable money ……and typically spent most of it as you tend to do when you’re young.

In 2012, I moved over to NSW, Australia for a change in lifestyle and to do something completely different. What I wanted to do was get one of those well-paying mine jobs you use to hear about. But, at pretty much the time I moved over, the arse fell out of the coal price and the mines stopped hiring.

So I moved up to Brisbane where I have been working in the earthmoving and gas industries as well as a lot of labour-hire jobs in between.

In my working life, I’ve been a Telecom lineman, telephone technician, computer network installer, several sales jobs, worked in remote Australian camp sites, operated earthmoving machines, and done plenty of manual labour.

As a result of some real estate investments I made a few years back, as well as saving a large percentage of my income then investing those savings smartly, I now feel I’m in a position to be able to retire with a comfortable, regular income for the rest of my life. In other words, I’ve reached financial independence and I’m ready to take advantage of what that can offer.

So, at 50, I’m retiring!! Not at 60 or 65, but right now, and because I can.

A while back, I discovered the blog of Mr Money Mustache and immediately became a follower of his philosophy, “financial freedom through badassity”, reducing excessive consumerism, saving the world, and retiring early. (You’re gunna get to hear about him quite a bit).

More research turned up the blogs of other superstars of financial independence and early retirement, and I got to thinking, “wouldn’t it be great to have the best-of-the-best ideas together in one place”.

So here it is. My 5-cents worth on what I consider to be the best tips and ideas for making the necessary lifestyle changes  to create ourselves a far better lifestyle and lead a more positive, joyful and tranquil life.

If I can convince you to start your own journey to financial freedom, or to give up working when you reach that goal,  then I feel it’s been worth it.