Writing, like painting or playing a musical instrument, is an art-form that takes some measure of talent to get the message across succinctly and efficiently.

If not done well, your message can be diluted or even lost in a cloud of irrelevant, unnecessary fluff.

Now I’m not claiming to be a literary Picasso or Dylan by any means, but I do know how to create compelling, well structured written content. If it’s not something that you do well, or you don’t have the time to spend on creating your own literary masterpiece, allow me to give your message the ‘kick up the bum’  it needs to get noticed.

I’m Martin, publisher of Get FIRE’d asap,  and I have over 20 years experience writing and producing sales proposals, marketing material, and technical literature for a number of employers including a Fortune 500 company.

Now that I’ve left the corporate world behind, I’m offering my skills and experience to clients as a freelance writer.

What I can offer you

Copy for:

  • marketing material
  • blog articles
  • customer contact emails
  • website content
  • magazine articles
  • editorials

English proof-reading and correcting content. Especially helpful if English isn’t your first language.

Internet research and reporting. Would you prefer someone else spend time researching content online?

Create compelling PowerPoint presentations. Need to get a message across? Take advantage of my experience in creating powerful, customer focussed presentations.

Website design-and-build using WordPress. You can benefit from many, many hours spent developing and managing my own websites?

What skills do I have

  • Fluent in written and spoken English. Native English speaker (New Zealander).
  • Articulate, well structured and intelligent writing style.
  • Strong grammar and punctuation skills (but I still use the ‘spell checker’ religiously).
  • Experienced and proficient in the use of Microsoft Office suite.
  • Experience in website building using WordPress. Including SEO and ongoing maintenance.

My experience


Write and publish regular articles for my own personal finance website; Get FIRE’d asap

Operate an online sales business, including all aspects of website management, SEO, and content; Narcotect

Create informative, customer-focussed emails for an Australian-wide franchise business – I research and write up to 8 emails per month targeted at a variety of customer-profiles on this client’s database.


Back in the old days:

Various sales and marketing roles providing products and services in the NZ telco industry.

Literary skills included:

  • Re-producing informational and instructional technical material, originally written for foreign markets, to be user-friendly and relevant for local clients.
  • Production of marketing material and instruction manuals for locally manufactured products.
  • Producing and delivering multimedia presentations at high-level management and client meetings.


Designed, built, and regularly write articles for my personal finance/early retirement website, Get FIRE’d asap. Including ongoing management and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Designed and built an online sales website, Narcotect, to market and sell drug testing products throughout Australia.

Including all aspects of the design and build of the website, using WordPress, as well as ongoing blog posts, site management and SEO.

Published article, “Baking Bad” in leading real estate and property management publication, Elite Agent Magazine.

Guest posts on other blog websites;

The Picky Pinchers

Millennial Money Man

The Australian Expat Investor

My Own Advisor

Do you think that we could work together?

If you do, please contact me for a no-obligation chat about your requirements.

(Even though I’m based in Brisbane, Australia, don’t let geographical separation discourage you from contacting me. Differing time zones won’t stand in the way of us creating some great content)

Discretion and privacy of all work is guaranteed
ABN and GST registered for Australian clients
I accept payment by PayPal or tranfer to my bank account if you are within Australia