work_retireSo go on….tell me what it’s all about….

Who wants to have to work until they’re 65, or 70, or 75? Certainly not me. In fact, at 50 I’ve had enough already. It’s not so much that I’m sick of working, or that I’m too lazy to work, it’s more a case of having the choice to work or not to work rather than dutifully reporting to ‘the man’ every working day.

But what if I couldn’t work due to illness or injury. What if I was given news that I only had 12 months to live, if I’m lucky? Would I want to spend most of my remaining year on this earth getting up at 6am, joining the commute to and from work, spending the best 8 hours of my final days on earth making money for someone else just to earn enough to pay my bills until I’m too sick to work anymore? Hell no!!

So where am I going with this? Most people work all their lives, partly to fund their everyday lifestyle, but traditionally to ensure that they are financially secure when the time comes to stop work. Otherwise known as “saving for your retirement”.

Unfortunately, most people end up spending so much of their income on their lifestyle, that when they get to the point where they either want to, or have to, give up work, they are unable to maintain the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to. Traditionally, this has been upon reaching the age the 65, the current recognised retirement age in Australia and New Zealand.

Well this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact you could reach ‘retirement age’ decades earlier than 65. Rather than calling this ‘retirement’, I prefer to call it ‘Financial Freedom’.

Oh but, I hear you say, “By the time I’ve paid all my bills, there’s nothing left at the end of the week”.

Well I’m going to show you some ideas that you can use to build up enough wealth to escape from mandatory work much, much earlier than you probably thought possible. Much of this concept has been gained from blogs and websites written by other smart people who have figured out how to live a smarter, less complicated, less material lifestyles.

But here’s the catch. Many of them are based in the United States or Canada or Europe. Basically anywhere but here. So many of the ideas and products they use and recommend are not relevant to our part of the world.

So what if someone was to do all the hard work showing you how to attain your own financial freedom using solutions found on our own back-door. Well that’s where I come in.

Some ideas I bring you will be specific to either Australia or New Zealand, and others will be generic so it doesn’t really matter where you live. But where it’s country-specific, I will endeavour to give you a similar solution for both countries.

Financial Independence is not that hard, but like losing weight, giving up smoking, or sticking to your New Year resolutions, it will require breaking some ingrained habits and developing new healthy financial habits.

I am not giving financial advice. I am not claiming to be a financial expert or tell you how to live your life. I am not even claiming to be absolutely right all of the time so feel free to correct me when necessary so that we can all learn.

Become a regular reader of my blog and let’s take the journey to financial independence together. I promise it’ll be worth it.start